How can I help?

Membership benefits

As a member, you will receive KOBA’s calendar with beautiful award-winning photos and periodic newsletters, but the benefits of membership are not always tangible. Every time you see active volunteers along the roadways doing cleanup, you can be proud to be a part of the effort to keep Oconee beautiful. As you, your family, visitors and friends travel along our roads, you enjoy the scenic beauty and know that you support the greater cause to keep this land beautiful for generations to follow. 

Membership funds operate our programs


Kobie Bear & Friends -- Proudly know that your membership funds help to teach over 2,400 elementary school children each year that trash belongs in the garbage can, the benefits of recycling or reusing everyday items, the laws that help control litter, and the harm done by watershed contaminants.

Regular litter pickups -- If you enjoy meeting people, living in beautiful Oconee County and making things look even better, consider lending a hand. Litter pickups are schedule monthly. Get on our mailing list.

Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Spot programs -- Membership funds help to pay for safety vests, grabbers, and gloves. Safety is #1 priority.

Buying billboard space -- It is important to remind the public of KOBA’s effort to beautify Oconee County.


If you cannot become a member, perhaps you can help through a donation. Click on “DONATE” below to start. KOBA is funded entirely by financial donations from residents and businesses, as well as grants from nonprofit foundations. We do not accept taxpayer supported funding. 


Donations-in-Kind -- Depending on your organization or business, there are other ways to help KOBA. When you help us defray printing, postage and mailing costs, or provide bottled water, safety vests, gloves or grabbers for volunteers picking up trash, you are supporting KOBA.

Support our Mission 


Keep Oconee Beautiful Association is funded by memberships and donations from residents and businesses, as well as grants from nonprofit foundations. 

All contributions to KOBA are tax deductible. For your convenience we’ve added the ability to donate via PayPal.