Ways YOU Can Further Support KOBA’s Mission

Elementary education programs
KOBA’s Elementary Education program has been in existence for 17 years and reaches over 3000 students in grades 1–4 annually.  We teach our county’s young people about anti-littering, littering laws, and the devastating effects littering and other contamination has on our land and water resources.  The curriculum features our popular mascot, Kobie Bear, and incorporates interactive lessons and hands-on activities for reduce, reuse, recycling, and composting.  All of the lessons are consistent with current South Carolina academic standards, and help the school district meet state guidelines for lessons on environmental protection. If you are interested in helping with this program, click here.



KOBA, working in concert with the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department and the towns of Westminster, Seneca and Walhalla, has identified areas around the county of particular concern for litter blight.  Such sites are included in KOBA’s new Adopt-A-Spot program, where citizens, community and civic organizations, and youth groups can join KOBA volunteer forces to clean up and beautify Oconee County. KOBA’s Adopt-A-Spot program works in cooperation with the premier Adopt-A-Highway program that has been in existence for many years. Send us an email.

Litter Pick-ups

KOBA schedules regular litter pick-ups around the county. Get to know other members while you show our county that you care. It’s a good way to get together with friends and help make a difference. Send us an email and join KOBA litter-busters.


Since 1988, Adopt-A-Highway volunteers have been cleaning up litter along South Carolina highways. PalmettoPride is excited to bring Adopt-A-Highway into our Pickup program. Adopt-A-Highway fits into our mission of eradicating litter and promoting beautification in our great state.


There are 11 Manned Convenience Centers (map of MCCs) around Oconee County, plus the Solid Waste location off Wells Highway. Each of us can do something to help with the recycling efforts and to reduce the amount of recyclables that find their way into our landfills.