Executive Committee

While this committee will not have projects to complete per se, they will ensure the proper administration of the Board and its committees. This shall include an annual review / audit of KOBA’s financial records to verify their adequacy and accuracy, and the nomination of new Board members. Financial records and minutes shall be filed under the discretion of this committee. By-Laws review shall be under the discretion of this group.


Promotions Committee

A composite of several committees and activities. Each is attended to by volunteer KOBA members. The purpose of the Promotions Committee is to present KOBA’s mission and activities to the public and its’ members via:

  • Awards / Annual Meeting Committee
    Arranges for the acknowledgment and presentation of awards to members and individuals that have aided KOBA in various ways. The committee also organizes the annual meeting for its members each Spring.

  • History Committee
    Keeps written and photo records of KOBA events and has done so since KOBA’s inception in 1985.

  • Newsletter
    The newsletter will be published at least twice a year. It is KOBA's plan to e-mail newsletters to its members in an effort to cut time, save money and conserve natural resources.

  • Publicity / Editorials Committee
    Write articles about KOBA activities and editorials related to KOBA for publication in area newspapers.

  • Photo Contest Committee
    Monitors the contest application sites, secures sponsors, arranges for contest judges, and oversees the presentation of awards to each years’ photo winners. Click here to see last year's winners.

  • Webmaster
    Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the organization website. 


Litter Control / Beautification Committee

The Litter Control / Beautification Committee is a composite of the following committees and activities, each attended by volunteer KOBA members:

  • Adopt-A-Highway (AAH)
    Participates in the nation wide AAH program. Maintains communication with current volunteers and recruits additional volunteers wherever / whenever possible. Also maintains a "data base" on the amount of litter collected, the number of volunteers involved and the miles of roads that are cleaned. This data is reported to the state on a yearly basis.

  • Adopt-A-Spot 
    This effort is similar to the AAH program, except it is focused on blighted areas identified by municipalities and KOBA litter survey results. This effort is quite new and will need additional "promotion."

  • Environment Enforcement Officer
    Works with local County and City authorities to explore ways to strengthen the enforcement of anti-litter laws currently "on the books". Click here to see new litter control ordinance.

  • Recycling
    Promotes the benefits of recycling and household hazardous waste collection, including institutional and business recycling. Participates in National and State initiatives concerning recycling and recycling education.

  • Great American Cleanup
    As the name indicates, this effort could encompass one or several KOBA groups as might make sense, depending on the goals of the Special Project. These projects could be initiated locally, statewide or nationally.


Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee is busy reorganizing under the new goals and priorities of our Five Year Strategic Plan. We need your help to implement new initiatives which benefit KOBA and the residents of Oconee County.

  • Legislative Liaison
    Responsible for promoting effective state and county laws and regulations against littering/dumping and encouraging their full enforcement.

  • FOLKS Liaison
    Responsible for maintaining good relations and communications with Friends Of Lake Keowee (FOLKS).

  • Partnerships
    Responsible for meeting and establishing partnerships with Oconee County Government officials to determine their positions on KOBA issues and discuss alternatives. This includes attending County Council meetings and other local / state meetings. 


Education Committee

General goals for all grades:


  1. Build awareness of the beauty around us.

  2. Build pride in our environment and a desire to take care of it.

  3. Build a sense of individual responsibility to properly dispose of litter


Goals for 1st Grade:

  1. Introduction to KOBA's mascot, Kobie Bear.

  2. What "litter" is and how it gets there.

  3. Invitation to "Join Kobie's team," to clean up litter ourselves and convince others to be a part of Kobie's team.


Goals for 2nd Grade:

  1. Introducing the role of laws in our community to maintain order.

  2. Establishing the fact that littering is against the law and lawbreakers are liable for punishment


Goals for 3rd Grade:

  1. The importance of keeping our waterways unpolluted.


Membership Committee

  • Membership Recruitment -- Devise programs that will promote awareness of KOBA activities to encourage people to become members.

  • Membership Records -- Monitor the membership list to ensure its integrity.

  • Volunteer Recruitment -- Contact each individual that indicates they would be willing to volunteer and determine in what manner they could help. Develop a core group (25-30) of members to help with special events.